Worship Services

IMG_0396Every Sunday, our community gathers to hear God’s whisper breathed anew through story, diverse music, scripture, prayers of joy and sorrow, challenging preaching and communion that welcomes everyone to Christ’s table.   

Whether you’re distracted, steadfast, frazzled, empowered, or somewhere in between, you are welcome in this place.


Come and praise God who loves us unconditionally.

Come and listen for a word from God spoken just for you. Come, and worship.



What kind of worship services are held at BSM?


Well, that is a tough question. We are trying to reflect the best of what 2,000 years of what the Spirit has taught the church—and casting out some of the stuffier elements as well as some that are just plain hurtful. We also want to be open to the new proddings of the Spirit—staying open to new forms, new expressions of music and motion—but being open to newness for us also means shying away from novelty and gimmicks. We are trying to be authentic…that’s all…check us out EVERY Sunday at 4pm.