Staff Profiles

Elbert Brown

Ambassador of Welcome Elbert Brown Elbert is the first face you will see when you enter the big red doors. You will be greeted by a smile as big as those doors. Elbert is a native of the Cayman Islands and has been part of BSM since its opening in 2005. Elbert knows the building like the back of his hand and cares for it the way he cares for his children. Elbert has been married for over 40 years to his wife Zilfia.

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Edd Conboy

Director of Social Services Edd Conboy Edd is not your typical therapist. He combines his training and real world business experience in his effort to help clients get unstuck and create new pathways in their lives. Edd also works with individuals whose normal stress has advanced into a state of distress, supporting them as they move into effective action, and begin to sustain joy in their lives as they strive to attain their life goals. A seasoned therapist with more than twenty years experience in the field, Edd has worked as a coach and consultant to bring the skills, knowledge and expertise of the psychotherapeutic community into non-traditional settings in addition to his work as a private practitioner. While working with people from all walks of life—from business, community and non-profit leaders to inner-city youth, he is particularly effective working with a wide range of individuals facing unique stresses like those of world-class professional and amateur athletes, survivors of trauma, as well as couples with chronically ill children.

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Samantha Evans

Program Associate  (215.735.4847 x109)

SammieSamantha was born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania. She attended Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and majored in Physics. During her last year of college, she felt a pull to ministry. Unsure of where it would lead, she made a leap of faith and left physics for seminary. She graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in May with a Masters of Divinity. While she was there, she focused on community and relationship building. She places great importance on building meaningful partnerships in the community and sincere relationships with those whom she serves as well as those who serve her. Her hope is that the pastoral residency program at BSM will provide her with opportunities to grow professionally, spiritually, and personally as she joins the ministry at BSM that touches so many lives in Philadelphia. She understands the mission of BSM to be a response to economic, racial, and gender-based injustice. She hopes that working at BSM will help her to gain the experience, language, and wisdom needed to be a prophetic preacher who speaks against injustice, leads a church to do the work of the kingdom, and brings a glimpse of hope to a dark and lonely world.

Andy Greenhow

Minister of Stewardship, Congregational Partnership & Belonging Andy-BSM-headshot Andy grew up locally but has since lived in Toronto, Canada, Nottingham, England, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Princeton, New Jersey.  He did Cinema Studies, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations, and Political Science in college, which he then promptly utilized as a construction worker rebuilding houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  While working with homeowners and short-term volunteer groups in New Orleans, Andy learned a lot about trauma, healing, and telling the story of what God is doing even after incredible tragedy.  He enrolled in seminary and, while there, came to BSM as a congregant.  He took a year away from seminary and worked at BSM and then returned to seminary hoping that he could work at a place like BSM someday.  During his last two years of seminary and until starting at BSM, he worked at one of BSM’s partner congregations and his home church, Wayne Presbyterian Church, as their Director of Young Adult Ministries. He cares about things like New Orleans, morose fiction, interesting music, Liverpool Football Club, traveling whenever possible, and the Phillies.  He’s married to and the greatest admirer of Karen Rohrer, the pastor and co-director of Beacon, a new church development in greater Fishtown. If you’re interested in the life of BSM’s resident worshiping community or partnering with BSM because of your faith commitments, he would love to speak with you.
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Devin Johns

Coordinator of the Youth Initiative & Alternative Breaks

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Dwayne Grant

Facilities Manager Dwyane Grant Dwayne grew up in New York City. He came to Philadelphia in ’96 for a change of scenery and attended Slippery Rock University. Dwayne fell in love with, and was adopted by Broad Street Ministry in 2008, where he found family. He spends his time here taking care of the building and watching out for his co-workers. Outside of BSM Dwayne enjoys donating his time to volunteer organizations and is a graduate of Ready Willing and Able. His favorite color is brown. He loves working with the seminarians.

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Brittany Mellinger

Postmaster General Dwyane Grant Brittany grew up in Lancaster County, went to Eastern University to study Elementary Ed, soon fell in love with Philly and Sociology and traded her farm fields for city streets. Her passion for food has been amplified by her proximity to the Italian market and plethora of South Philly restaurants. She is happiest when wandering around new places and the great outdoors, most recently trying her hand at organic farming in Ecuador this past fall. She is excited to be practicing her ABCs by helping with the mail sorting as BSM’s newest postmaster general.

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Tony Moore

Music Man, Choirmaster, Talent Tony Moore Anthony A. Moore (AKA) Tony Moore was born in Philadelphia, PA and spent his early childhood in Okinawa, Japan and Europe. He began his career in the music industry as a bassist for local groups and churches in the City of Philadelphia. He founded gospel recording group Tony Moore & Jehovah’s Chosen (TMJC) and has released two independent albums entitled “Love Lifted Me” and “Action Figures.” Tony is currently working with Rock Star Entertainment, founded by Vidal and Dre, executive producers for such recording artists as: Floetry, Jill Scott, Usher, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Chris Brown. As assistant music supervisor, Tony has written songs for the action thriller film, “Cover,” produced by Bill Duke (X-Men 3) starring Vivica A Fox, Patti La Belle, Lou Gossett Jr, Maya, and Leon (Five Heart Beats), and Aunjanue Ellis (Ray). “Cover” was released in February 2008. Tony has established a partnership with Mike Lemon Casting Agency. Through this partnership TMJC has been cast in multiple commercials, movies, and television appearances. At the hub of all this activity, Tony Moore became the musical director for Broad Street Ministry under the guidance of Pastor Bill Golderer. Tony is responsible for weaving a unique sound for the BSM Motley Order Choir, integrating other musical influences in the community and being the ‘glue’ that binds it all together.

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David Norse

Pastoral Associate

The past year has been an exciting one for David.  In January David was ordained as a Presbyterian Pastor, he started the LGBTQ Fellowship that meets once a month after worship, and he piloted a faith-and-doubt spirituality group with LGBTQ young people who are at high risk of human trafficking, sex work, and other forms of sexual coercion.  “It has been an exciting year, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my second!”

A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, David grew up in Sherwood, Oregon.  He is an Eagle Scout and attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland, both experiences that cultivated a deep passion for the wholeness that God’s wilderness provides.

David knew he had found a church home when he walked in and saw windmills hanging from the sealing.  “I grew up in a Presbyterian church with a liturgical artist, and so for me art and worship have always been connected.”  David is most excited though to be a part of an organization that is committed to human thriving.  He is a gifted pastoral care provider, and understands pastoral presence as a necessary part of Broad Street welcoming not only our faith community, but also our guests at breaking bread and during mail hours.  David functions as connective tissue within our faith community, fostering opportunities for those who gather for worship to care for one another and to be cared for by our pastoral staff.  He will also be working with the hospitality initiative at BSM.  “The relationship between the worshiping community and our social services, how one informs and supports the other, is the most compelling part of this place for me.  Broad Street Ministry lives out my deepest hopes for the Church, and God has even bolder dreams for us as disciples, dreams I feel honored to help become reality.”
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David Van Houten

Dean, Center for Subversive Theology Dan Van Houten “I’m just some skinny white guy from west of West Philly.” I run to avoid reality and am learning how to do yoga to counter the physical and mental effects of over 30 years of running. Caffeine is my drug of choice and I’m addicted to buying books. I have two sons who remind me daily what’s real, but aren’t really sure what I do. I’ll follow my wife wherever she goes (because she’s my corporate sponsor). I specialize in non-paying jobs and like poetry and sad, angry music. My best friend says I’m too cynical to be religious. I’ve studied Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, French and German but have forgotten almost everything I’ve learned and still struggle to write a coherent English sentence. When I grow up I want to be rap star, yeah, because I’m just another white man with a Ph.D, trained in the obscure art of theology. You’ll never see my face on mtv, no, I studied at a school of divinity. Like I said before, I can’t dance, I can’t sing. I’m a poser, fake, imposter, Just like my bling bling. And I almost forgot, Calvin is my co-pilot.

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Steve Seibel

Executive Chef

Steven Seibel has 7 years in the culinary industry, and has worked during the past three years at FLIK International, a commercial culinary company, where he has served as a Chef Manager for Comcast Corporation offices and got rave reviews. Steven also trained for a while as an opera singer – so maybe he will sing for our guests!  Originally from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, some of his influences from the culinary world are Anthony Bourdain of Les Halles and “No Reservations” and Wiley Dufresne of WD-50.  Cooking is his passion and a way to express his creativity.  He enjoys spending time with his family, friends and just relaxing.  He is a huge Philadelphia Sports fan (Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, Sixers) in no particular order.  He has 4 brothers and 1 sister ranging from the age of 5 years old to 22 years old and two loving parents, Rick and Tina Seibel.  He is of  Puerto Rican and Irish decent.  His favorite quote is from Anthony Bourdain:

“I’ve long believed that good food, good eating, is all about risk. Food, for me, has always been an adventure.”

 Julia Wallis

Volunteer Coordinator DSCN0454 (215.735.4847 x106)

Melinda Berkman

Director of Finance and Administration

Melinda BerkmanGrowing up as a child of a military man, Melinda has lived many different places. She is happy to now call Philadelphia home (although her heart may always belong to Alaska). After graduating with a Masters in Economics from University of Alaska Fairbanks, she worked as fisheries economist for the State of Alaska. Deciding Juneau was too small, she packed her bags and moved to Manhattan, met the love of her life and moved with him to Philadelphia. Working in for-profit for most of her career, she is happy that she was able to make the transition to non-profit with such a wonderful organization. She lives in Center City with her husband, Mike and her 2.5 year old son, Teddy.

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Carrie Kitchen-Santiago

Managing Director Carrie Kitchen-Santiago Carrie is a native of Philadelphia and has lived and worked in the region all of her life except for a brief stint in Washington D.C. very early in her career. She is passionate about addressing the causes and impacts of urban poverty and has dedicated her career to this pursuit. She has 17 years of program and project management experience, primarily related to social services, and has a particular expertise in workforce development programming and policy. Prior to coming to the Broad Street Ministry, Carrie served as the Sr. Director of Training and Policy at the Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation, a large non-profit agency that oversees a majority of the public funding that comes to the City for job training and employment assistance programming. At PWDC Carrie led a department that identified and implemented strategies and tools for building capacity among PWDC’s sub-contractors to run workforce development programs more effectively. She also forged partnerships with systems and organizations across Philadelphia in order to leverage resources and enhance the ability of PWDC and its sub-contractors to serve over 21,000 welfare recipients per year. In addition, Carrie conducted public policy research, analysis and education related to welfare and poverty. Prior to that, Carrie worked in several capacities for Congreso, one of the largest social services agencies in Greater Philadelphia serving the Philadelphia Latino community. At Congreso Carrie conducted fundraising activities and developed and managed education, training and employment placement programs for low-income youth and adults. Prior to that, Carrie worked for the Center for Greater Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, a nonprofit agency dedicated to facilitating regional cooperation between Philadelphia and the suburbs. At the Center Carrie designed and managed the Greater Philadelphia High school Partnership, a service-learning program that brought over 800 urban and suburban students together from 80 schools across the region to design and carry out community-service projects. In a radio address to the nation, former President Clinton singled out the Partnership, calling it a “stunning success” and a “model for the nation.” The Walt Whitman Center for the Culture and Politics of Democracy at Rutgers University praised the Partnership as “an innovator in the field of service learning.” Carrie has a Masters degree in Public Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and Bachelors of Arts degree in American History from the University of Pennsylvania. Carrie is proud to represent and serve Pennsylvania on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP), and when not working, enjoys spending time with her husband, Rob (usually scheming how they can get more sleep), playing with her two, very energetic, young sons, Marcos and Andres, and vigorously lifting weights at the gym so that she can survive her sons using her as a human jungle gym. Before having kids, when Carrie actually had an exciting personal life, she enjoyed hiking and Latin dancing with her husband and was a director, writer and performer in an all-female, musical comedy troupe.

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Bill Golderer

Convening Minister Bill Golderer Bill is the founding pastor and convener of the Broad Street Ministry in Philadelphia. BSM is an innovative ministry that emphasizes hospitable outreach, civic involvement, and creative expression. Prior to that, Bill served as the founding Director of the Center for Church Life at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City where he was also a lecturer in Reformed theology at Union Theological Seminary whose campus Auburn shares. Auburn and Union have long been pioneers on the landscape of bringing a progressive theology to bear upon and be relevant to the culture. His work at Auburn also included creating opportunities for multifaith understanding in our post-9/11 world, and addressing the coming crisis of leadership that will confront the church in the coming decades. To learn more about the work of Auburn Seminary, visit Prior to that, Bill served as Associate Pastor for Youth, Young Adult and Public Church Ministry at the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. His time there was spent mainly integrating the Gospel with the demands of everyday life through fellowship, advocacy/outreach programs, public forums, and discernment exercises. While serving in Chicago, Bill helped to found a national network of Presbyterian clergy under the age of 40–called the 7 percent. The group takes its name from the statistic that only 7 percent of clergy currently serving the Presbyterian Church U.S.A are under the age of 40. To learn more about the ministry of Fourth Church, visit To learn more about the 7 percent,

Prior to that, Bill was the Founding Director for Religious Outreach for The Interfaith Alliance in Washington D.C. This membership organization that has grown to over 150,000 members works to promote interfaith cooperation around shared American values of civic participation, freedom of religion, diversity, and civility in public discourse and to encourage the active involvement of people of faith in the nation’s political life. To learn more about “TIA’s” work, visit

In 2009, Bill extended his pastoral ministry in Philadelphia when he became the Pastor of Arch Street Presbyterian Church.  Since 1851, Arch Street Presbyterian has been a worshiping congregation in the heart of Center City Philadelphia.  Since Bill has arrived and assembled a dynamic team of lay and professional leadership, ASPC has undergone a rapid and dramatic revitalization. The congregation aims to be a dynamic Sunday morning worshiping community, a church that welcomes children and families of every configuration, a church that meets the needs of the people who work in the buildings around it (and those who wish they were employed there) as well as a center for arts and culture.  To learn more about ASPC, please visit: His energies away from ministry are devoted to having fun with his wife, Julie, reading, cooking, manically listening to sports radio, and marveling at the wonder that are his sons, Sebastian and Deacon.

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