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Psalms of the Street, April 13th

Every Sunday evening we ask people to invest in our community through their money, through filling out an In-the-Loop card so that they may be known, and through their prayers. The prayer cards function as BSM’s “Psalms of the Street”, expressions … Continue reading

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Another Record Falls at BSM

Last week, BSM set a record that as members of the BSM community, we should all be proud of, and as Americans and Philadelphians we should be ashamed of. On the last Thursday in March our faithful volunteers served 380 … Continue reading

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Work and Prayer the BSM Way

There are times when the distinction between work and prayer disappears. When that happens the “work” – no matter how routine or mundane – is elevated to a spiritual practice. Our worshiping community here at BSM, along with our partner … Continue reading

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  Broad Street Ministry was recently asked to get a congregational photo, and we thought, why not get an awesome #selfie to share with the world?  So here it is!  Ellen and the Oscars have nothing on us.  Join us … Continue reading

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Lent Ashes

Observing Lent at BSM

  Lent is one of the most sacred and interesting times in the Christian year.  Come join us all throughout Lent to study some of the most vexing questions Jesus asks us in scripture.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March … Continue reading

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Goings and Comings

After a wonderful six years of faithful service as BSM’s therapeutic artist, Becca Blake resigned from the position in order to dedicate more time and efforts toward her work with children and families at Beacon. She co-founded this vibrant faith … Continue reading

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Murals R Us

Last year President Obama’s administration launched a national dialogue focused on wellness and mental health. As part of this dialogue Philadelphia city officials – especially those who work in the behavioral health field – invited The Mural Arts Program to … Continue reading

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Count BSM In!

BSM was pleased to serve as the gathering site for the annual “PIT Count” organized by Project HOME and PhillyCOUNTS. “PIT” stands for Point In Time. It is a kind of snapshot that is taken every January in Philadelphia and … Continue reading